10 Computer Issues Commonly Resolved


Which are your top 10 computer issues that the most experienced computer professionals encounter? Here’s the list of the top ten computer problems that skilled computer technicians encounter:

1. Malware (malicious software that can cause serious computer issues)

Malware refers to any kind of software that affects safety and experience of the user of the computer. There’s a growing list of malware-related attacks, including trojans, spyware, viruses and worms DDoS attacks and keystroke loggers, browser hijackers and much other.

The objective of the majority of malware is not to only create chaos for the user of the computer, but also to steal sensitive information, like credit card and password data.

The most effective method of repair for malware-related computer issues is to have an expert technician install anti-malware programs and guide you on how to stay clear of the infection.

Google estimates that 10 percent of the websites online have some kind of malware on them. It’s a good idea to be secure.

2. Slow Computer

The majority of times the slow performance of a computer is the result of one cause of malware.

In other instances the hard drive could be failing, or the system may be not having enough memory or space to run efficiently. There are a variety of ways you can keep your system at its peak.

Clean out your recycle bin and clean your cache on your browser.

The hard disk should be defragmented (Windows) or correct your permissions for your drive (Mac)

Make sure your desktop is free of clutter

Beware of installing software that alters the look of your PC in a significant way. These could cause a huge performance loss

Uninstall any program you don’t utilize

Review your startup files and take out any items that aren’t required to run at startup.

3. Network Issues

In the midst of all the computer problems encountered by techs, this one is one of the most frequent and can’t be solved remotely. Connectivity issues occur when computers can’t access the web, or resources through the local network such as printers and shared files from other computers.

4. Computer Will Not Start

Monday morning. You turn on your computer’s power button. The fans start to spin. The screen flashes. Then… nothing. Ouch. Now is the time to investigate. Are you able to pinpoint the issue with your motherboard? Do you have a monitor? Does it have to do with an operating system issue? In the event that you’re in your home at night and want to experiment, hop on another computer and begin looking up solutions. If you’re at work it’s a different story. Downtime can cost you money. Simply call an on-site computer repair company and have these kinds of computer issues resolved quickly.

5. Strange Noise Computer Problems

A whining or clacking noise is much more than just an irritation.

This is a cautionary message to shut down your computer and determine the reason before a total malfunction occurs. In the event of a cooling fan malfunction, it could lead to overheating and damage to components of your computer. This kind repair should usually be left to a professional technician.

6. Hijacking of Search and Browser

Have you ever tried to search for something using your computer, only to see unexpected results pop up that do not have anything to have anything to do with the search term you typed in? It is likely that you were one of the victims of hijacking attack on your browser.

In essence, a browser hijack is a vulnerability that infects your computer when you visit an affected web page.

The software that is on the page is usually installed by convincing users to click on something. It then takes over your web browser. It redirects you via a proxy server that attempts to collect the information about your browsing habits. The removal of these softwares is a major hassle.

7. Software crashes

I used to own Adobe tools that became known for this. After editing photos or writing a report over an hour nothing worse than an application crash to take away any sense of drive and creativity.

If your program crashes frequently You can try restarting it. Also, go on the internet to see if you will find solutions. Google is your go-to for computer issues.

8. Windows ME and Vista

I put this one in just for amusement. Microsoft’s two most unpopular operating systems Windows ME and Windows Vista have been a source of frustration on the side of a lot of computer users. Windows ME is gone for the time being however Vista will remain for some time. My suggestion? Make the switch Windows 7 to Windows 7.

It will boost the performance of your computer 3 times or more at the very least. It’s possible to purchase the upgrade from Amazon at the lowest price. Here’s the link Windows 7 Home Premium. Also available is an Windows 7 Family Pack for about $150. The price of upgrade is reduced to just 50 dollars per computer. I would say it’s well is it worth it to me.

9. Computer Restarts Occasionally with a BSOD

A BS..what? BSOD is an abbreviation to mean Blue Screen of Death, the term used to describe the screen of blue that pops up following a Windows operating system fails to function. The screen displays a lot of text that is white against blue backgrounds. Most often, this is because of the failure of a significant piece of hardware like the memory or a fan.

In other cases, it may be software that is not properly configured and results in computer crash problems.

10. Computer Screen Failure

Monitors with LCD screens were by far the most amazing thing since CRT monitors.

They were replaced completely for the vast majority of users. That’s a great thing. CRT’s are a big problem for the environment and release a lot of radiation. However, LCDs aren’t without their problems.

Sometimes, the lamp might be out of order and require replacement. Sometimes, the graphics chip of laptop’s motherboard can croak and cause the screen to darken or display strange characters appearing all across the screen.

Visit Computer Repairs Oxley offers a most affordable solution to restore your broken Mac and make it work like it was brand new.

Sometimes lamps ballasts (backlights typically fluorescent lamps) can wear out and will require replacement. The latest LCD screens are powered by LED’s, which last longer and require less energy. Problems with computers resulting from screen malfunctions should be handled by the pros.

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