Home / 2 Hour Beach & Bushland Safari
Arrive 9.15am to meet your ships of the desert. Off we go through the bushland for a relaxing ride along the sands of the 40 mile beach enjoying views to the Coloured Sands & Noosa. We stop under the Casuarinas on the beach for refreshments before returning. Departs 9.30 daily. Cost: $55.00 adults $45.00 children

1 Hour Bushland Safari

Arrive 1.15pm. Mount your large hornless, cushion footed, long necked quadruped and set a leisurely pace through the shady bushland. Departs 1.30pm daily. Cost: $40.00 adults $30.00 children

1 1/2 Hour Beach Bush Safari

Arrive at 2.45pm. An enjoyable afternoon safari with a cross-section of scenery along the shores of Laguna Bay. Departs 3.00pm daily. Cost: $45.00 adults $35.00 children

Special Safaris

Lunch on Laguna Dinner on the Oasis

Experience the ambience of cruising the scenic shores of Laguna Bay before enjoying a gourmet lunch or dinner under ths Casuarinas. Great for groups, social clubs & celebrations. Cost: POA