Can I Upgrade my current Operating System?


Yes, but you must first purchase a valid license key for the new operating system. If you are a Windows XP user looking to upgrade you are probably aware that in April of 2014, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows XP operating system, in effect declaring this operating system at its end of life.

This means that customers connecting a Windows XP computer to the internet are at a very high risk of attracting malware or viruses that could compromise your PC and the data on it. To ensure that our customers’ PC’s are safe and secure cyberspace is, as of April 2014, only offering to provide a FreshStart service to Windows XP users if the customer purchases an upgrade license to run on the Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 is an easy migration for Windows XP users and will be supported by Microsoft until 2020, but in order to proceed, you would need to purchase a Windows 7 License for your PC.

Why is FreshStart service better than the services advertised on TV?

First of all, hard drives cannot be replaced online. But most importantly, you need to understand that for these companies to service your PC, you must give them online access to your computer which is very dangerous from a security standpoint. Also, many of these companies offering “free” tune-up services are actually making money by automatically loading other software programs during your “online service” from other vendors. This increases the bloatware on your PC and slows it down even more. FreshStart reduces bloatware and protects your privacy and security during the service process.

Won’t my PC just get bogged down again?

The FreshStart service eliminates all of the bloatware that was probably installed on your PC when you bought it. Temp and other unnecessary files and malware are also left behind. This will only come back if you are not careful when you choose to download files. Also, we install a free anti-virus program during the service.
Did you know that over 50% of PC owners have no anti-virus on their PC?

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from today’s article.
We need to guard our computers and look after them to serve us as much as possible.
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Service your PC

CyberSpa cannot legally decrypt and reload your passwords so you will have to reenter the log-in keys for your home or work wireless to connect. Also, your Windows login passwords are all changed to “password” after the FreshStart, so do not forget to change those passwords.

Is there a warranty on my new drive?

Yes. There is a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on your new hard drive. How long does the service take?

The service typically takes about an hour depending on how much data is on your current hard drive.


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