Computer Repair Resources – Monthly Monitoring Plans

Actual Repair Example:

If your laptop needs a new battery when you bring it to me for a new hard drive. I may need to purchase and install the new battery to make the computer stable for the new hard drive.
Your battery could cost $90-$190.
Your new hard drive will cost $100 or more.
Your job requires 2-3 hours of work at $80 per hour.
Your bill is over $400.
Should you have spent 600-1200 to buy a shiny new laptop? Maybe. If you talk to me, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

Computer Repair Resources – Monthly Monitoring Plans
$ 240.00–$ 600.00

Dedicated Support Desk link on your PC’s Desktop.
Toll-Free Hotline for support questions.
Daily Hardware status checks.
Automatic Updates for common software.
Priority Remote Support Care.
And Much More!

Monthly Monitoring
1-year monthly monitoring
1-year monthly monitoring and Anitvirus
1-year monthly monitoring, Antivirus, and Magnusbox

Product Description Residential

What You Need To Know

Times are changing in the computer industry and how things are fixed. Being prepared for the next situation is key to keeping you and your computer safe. That is why we offer a Monthly Monitoring Plan. Much like doing routine maintenance on your car, your computer needs daily and weekly checkups to see what and where problems may be occurring. See what plan fits you best, and let us install, configure, and train you on how to best use our highly effective system. Our system works on Home PCs, Laptops, Office PCs, Macs, and even Servers! Want to sign up for one of the services? Contact your Support Desk to get the best pricing and terms.

Toll-Free Support Hotline & Easy to access the support page

Easy to find Support Desk Icon for fast support

Priority Support Desk help

Remote Support On-Call

One free virus cleanup/system tune-up per year, per system.

Free 128 GB of 256 AES SECURE Online Backup



The Support Desk does not guarantee 100% protection from viruses, malware, spyware, or any other type of infection that may harm your PC/workstation/server/another device by using our Monthly Maintenance Plan (MMP). We offer the industry standard 99% protection against attacks and viruses. User error & acts of “Nature/God” do not qualify for the guarantee.

Free Virus Removal/Cleanup

This includes basic virus removal/system tune-up lasting no more than 2.5 hours from the initial login. This is not measured by the actual repair time, yet by the logged-in time of the technician performing the cleanup/removal/tune-up. Any user interaction on the PC/system during the procedure can obstruct and compromise the technician’s ability to properly clean/tune-up the system/PC. Therefore it is advised that during the procedure the Technician is the only person using the system/PC.


By subscribing to the monthly plan, you are allowing The Support Desk and its partners to bill/charge you on a recurring basis, on or before the anniversary date of your plan for the amount that you owe for services rendered.

Payment For Services Rendered

You are agreeing to pay for services outside of the Monthly Maintenance Plan as a separate charge that will be billed to your payment type of choice.


The Support desk is not liable for ANY damages done to, caused, or happen on your PC. Data loss, system failure, and any other occurrences are also included as part of the liabilities and damages rule.

Illegal Software/Images/Documents

Any software/images/documents found to be on the owner’s machine of an illegal nature will be reported to the proper authorities with or without the owner’s knowledge or consent deemed by the current laws surrounding such measures.

Mandatory Backup Solution

All MMP subscription holders must also have one of our backup solutions installed by a remote technician, or onsite technician. This ensures that your data, while under the MMP plan, is safely backed up at a secure off-site location. All MMP plans come with a minimum amount of free storage. This amount may be increased/decreased at any time, without notice. You will receive no less than 128 GB for free to protect your data from loss, theft, deletion, etc… If you decline ANY backup solution offered by The Support Desk/ARAWR PC/Partners/Affiliates, you automatically take full responsibility for any and, or all loss of your data. By declining data backup services, you also are surrendering your right to legal action against The Support Desk, it’s parent company ARAWR PC, and any partner company/affiliate.

Repeat offenders

The Repeat Offender rule states that any person found of downloading, visiting, using; sites, software, or other devices that re-infects their PC/device will and can be charged up to DOUBLE the normal rate per hour. For every offense after the first cleanup/removal the percentage increases by 125% for the first offense, 150% for the second offense, 175% for the third offense, and 200% for the fourth offense. After the fourth offense, a meeting between the provider (The Support Desk) and the user (Purchaser/subscriber of MMP), describing what actions will be taken next. Actions that can be taken, a higher MMP plan fee, termination of services, alternative methods of viewing content, the suggestion of no longer viewing/downloading/using the services that are creating the issues, or any other solution found to be fitting as a case by case basis by The Support Desk and its partners.

Right to Terminate

The Support Desk and it’s partners, may deem that the person (s) receiving services, may be no longer needed by the Support Desk and its partners for any reason, and at any time. Notice will be made to the user of the MMP services no later than 24 hours from disconnection of services. No refunds will be given for the remaining time on the contract. Yearly contracts will be suspended and later terminated after 30 days of no resolution of issues. This can be initiated for any reason.

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