Creating Bootable Windows XP Zip drive for Netbook


Although I’ve got Linux on my Netbook, it’s got a spec that’ll take XP, so I’m thinking of putting XP on it.

There’s no CD/DVD drive on the netbook, so I’m trying to install my XP disk via my USB zip drive.

There’s loads of instructions on the web. Most instructions use USB_prep8 which brings up a Windows console window on my desktop, and which then opens a PeToUSB window that recognizes the flash drive. You then just tell it where your windows files are (on the desktop DVD) and it transfers the files onto the zip drive to create a bootable zip drive.

My problem is, although I can see all my zip drives on the windows7 machine, the PeToUSB program comes up with ‘No USB drive found’. I’ve tried reformatting the zip in various formats, but whilst I can always see it, the PeToUSB program never sees it.

General Information On Obtaining Dell Computer Repairs

If you have a Dell computer and you need computer repairs or service information the obvious place to start is Dell’s own support website, the details of which are given at the bottom of this page.

On that page, you can find a knowledge base, manuals, and drivers as well as sometimes being able to obtain updated software for your machine. You just need to put the serial number of your machine into the search box, and it will tell you what updates are available.

Most Dell computers automatically update their drivers and Dell software, in a similar way to which Microsoft updates Windows on your machine.

Visit Computer Repairs Banyo providing the expert repair services for any Dell desktop computer and laptop.

Of course, if things don’t happen automatically and you don’t know how to install new drivers or update your software, or if you do know but something goes wrong, or if you don’t understand the technical manuals, then you may well need some additional help.

Any of the companies listed on this website should be able to help you with Dell repairs. Dell is a well known and well established company that has been going for some time, so all the technical support sites would be able to provide someone knowledgeable and experienced in these type of problems.

So have a look at the website listed, and if you have the knowledge to understand how to install new drivers, and to update your software, and to understand the manuals and the knowledge base, all well and good. However, if you don’t have that knowledge, or if you are unsure about what to do, then why not look up your area on our site and ask for advice from one of the local experts available.


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