Creative and Ideological Industry Application

Do you often participate in contests? Is it a prerequisite for a successful existence in the market and a tool for finding a client for you, or is it more of a sporting interest?

Mosquito: Yes, of course, it’s obvious. The main thing is to give time for a creative and ideological application In general, one of the biggest problems of the industry is the idiotically short deadlines that the client sets for some reason. We can talk about this for a very long time.

Len: Probably not. Everyone has the same motivation until they meet those who do not want to become a brand or somehow stand out from the competition. It’s just that in most cases the “ideological” part of the project is carried out by agencies. In general, it would be interesting to look at a project from a company that does not want to become a brand.

Mosquito: In general, I don’t really like creative contests. It’s more like sports, brrr. And here in Russia, there is already a dominance of athletes and little room for creativity. But we make festival projects with pleasure, they are usually very interesting and they have a lot of creative freedom.

Len: We have never deliberately participated in contests yet. We are a competition for ourselves, if we feel inner comfort, then special recognition from a certain “jury” is not needed.

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Sometimes it seems that in order to reach the level of Pixar and Dreamworks, you need to shift the assemblage point, lose human form, and learn to catch the eagle’s emanations. I hope you understand what I mean 🙂

Len: We have little work on animation yet, so we are ready to work in this direction “for the idea.” We invite directors and studios to cooperate.

You will surely grow and develop like any other company. On what basis will employees be selected for the studio? What is most important to you in a person?

Mosquito: There is a necessary thing – a professional level. But the level alone is not enough to work with us. It is important for us what a person is like: what he reads, what he listens, how he lives. We must be friends and colleagues and understand each other perfectly. Jobs didn’t take people who didn’t like pineapple pizza. This is not funny, this is the normal approach. We are unlikely to get a person listening to bad music, for example.

Len: Be sure to ask the blood type.

Who is more pleasant and comfortable for you to work with, with the client directly or with the monsters of the advertising market, such as BBDO, who know what they want and set a competent and clear task?

Mosquito: There are pros and cons everywhere, of course. Working with a client directly is more efficient, but at the same time more responsible. Projects with agencies often drag on for a long time, but at the same time, we are relatively protected from the inadequacy of fast bosses 🙂

Len: It’s more pleasant to work with adequate people who understand what they want and trust us, but where they come from does not matter.

Do you have a dream project or brand that you would really like to work with?

Mosquito: I would like to make a stunningly beautiful and kind cartoon for children. Like Cars, for example. I really want to!

Len: Yes, I dream of a project where there will be sufficient terms, and not “yesterday it was necessary, we are burning.” And I would also like to design the TV channel.

Poster for Mercedes BBDO Moscow.

3d graphics for Mercedes. Client – BBDO Moscow.

Not many people know that some of the studio members are also members of the “Nina at the bottom” group. Tell us a little about your group and your immediate plans for the future.

Mosquito: There is such a creative outlet.) No clients or comments: you play for yourself and sing what you want and when you want. This is the maximum degree of freedom. “Nina” will soon release a video and start recording its debut album. Well, as an advertisement – 🙂 By the way, many of the members are also musicians.

It just so happened that your colleagues in the shop, the guys from the Red Keds team, as well as you are accomplished musicians. Would you like to perform with them on the same stage?

Mosquito: Ooooo! We respect these guys immensely.

Len: We know and respect this team, I would like to get to know each other and work together, but they do not answer our letters.

Imagine that your interview is now being read by a young man aged 18-20 years old who wildly wants to do motion design and 3d graphics. What advice would you give him?

Mosquito: Learn to draw, take pictures, listen to good music (and play it, ideally) and not watch TV, under any circumstances.

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