Hardware Shortage


A “air-powered” memory enabled a soft robot with a piano to play. It used a technology called “pneumatic RAM” which uses atmospheric pressures and binary codes to communicate. It does not use any hardware to store random access memory (RAM). This could make it possible for the public to have more hardware or chips.

A major problem facing most industries around the globe is the chip shortage. This includes Intel’s CPU division down to distribution of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Soft robots are described as delicate because they are made for specific tasks that require precision, elegance, and majestic movement. The piano requires fluidity of the fingers. A traditional “hard robot”, made from metal, may not have the same elegance as the soft.

The term pneumatic is used to describe something that uses gas or air to power or control. RAM stands for random access memory for computers. Combining both is not traditional but it is more revolutionary and new to the industry.

Researchers no longer require the attached hardware chip to control the current software controls. Its pneumatic properties use pressure in the air to operate and relay control from the computer software.

Researchers debuted the pneumatic RAM, which is still in development. It may also be used to play the piano. You can use it to control a computer using the hot air produced by the cooler fan, or for regular desktop builds such as those used for work and gaming, according to Computer Repairs Windaroo.

As the traditional RAM’s hardware is not available for production, the pneumatic RAM can be used to apply to the CPUs or computer processing units.

Scientists may also be able to develop a “pneumatic processor” which would use only air power to run a computer. This could help to reduce the cost of components and solve the shortage. This is speculation and there have been no reports of developments in the pneumatic CPU area.