Maintaining the Life of your battery

In general you can improve the battery life of any device by performing an extensive tune-up through the settings menu. It will target the entire device and application services which are operating in background or activating other elements that use more battery. A few basic settings changes include turning off the GPS location services of the device, and turning off wifi and Bluetooth when they aren’t needed. These devices might not be used but when they are, they will always be in use and contributing to the depletion of batteries. GPS-based location services require a significant amount of power to operate, because they are a robust unit that requires a amount of energy.


Many people ask whether they should think about upgrade options for their computer and are worried about the price, but their issue may be an old and dying battery. With all the advancements in technology and the rapid change in methods people use their devices, some issues persist in the usage of these devices. Everything from mobile phones to laptops requires batteries to function and, most of the time users find that the battery life of their device isn’t worth it. For those who need continuous communication between work or family can find their phones battery draining rapidly and at the most inconvenient times.

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What is the cause of battery drain?

There are a variety of reasons for the rapid loss of battery power, which ranges from simple design and engineering inefficiencies depending on the device’s hardware or software and the basic settings of the phone that users can change to extend the life of batteries. Sometimes, a specific mobile model can be referred to as a battery hog. There’s nothing one can do to a phone that has this type of issue to ensure higher performance. Certain devices are simply more efficient in battery usage than other.

Check Your Apps

According to Apple Repairs Bethania that stopping all running applications which are not being used will make the phone to use less of its CPU, thereby conserving energy. Launch the application manager on your phone, then stop everything that’s not an operating system service or an application currently being employed.

Solutions for Battery Support

Apart from altering the settings and active devices that are in use Another option to deal with the issue of battery life is to use an external battery or battery case. The battery case can be the best enhancement in productivity, providing not just a case that protects for your phone, but also an internal battery that is usually 2-3 times more powerful than the battery that comes with the phone. Certain cases include boosts for the cellular service antenna.

For this Apple iPhone, the battery cannot be removed and is not able to be replaced immediately by a battery you be charged at home. The battery case solutions available for those with iPhone 5 and 5s often contain the micro USB adapter to charge, because they use the Lightning cable uses required by an Apple exclusive protocol.

This could be an excellent advantage since users will be able to charge the phone using an Lightning adapter as well as Micro USB, the two most commonly used smartphone adapter elements and protocols that are used today.

Instead of a case for batteries one could choose to use a standard portable USB battery. These batteries, many with solar charging systems built in can be charged using the standard USB cable connected to the wall or computer, and they come with USB ports that can be used to charge various devices.

The batteries are bigger than the battery of your phone in terms of the capacity (not size) they can recharge phones up to 15 times! Due to the USB ports the batteries are able to work with any USB connected device.

There are many famous models of battery chargers with portable batteries that are easy to fit in purses and pockets.

A final solution for people who don’t own the iPhone can be to have a battery for the phone in your bag. The battery can be swapped with the battery that’s depleted anytime.

Instead of worrying about a perpetually failing or malfunctioning battery buy a backup batteries system.

The savingsin time and energy, is worth every penny of the price of the device.

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