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Over the years, Australia has been the host to various kinds of conferences and meetings for incentive groups using our camels or adjoining with other tour companies to offer a whole day enjoyed by every individual involved.

Online Reservation System and Booking Software

We all know that the world has gone digital. Many things are done and achieved through the internet. We are going to give you more fascinating information about one of the many things you can do online. Do you know that we now have software for booking and ordering for reservations? Well there are many of such software and we are going to apprise you the capabilities of each that this article is going to engage.

Ez Rent Out

Ez Rent Out is a rental software that allows you to create and update orders in fast pace. It allows for an orderly booking in the process of placing orders. Using the software, you can also give discounts, design your personalised invoices, do a set-up monthly billing, and do many more activites.


Have you suffered betrayals of qualities while seeking online reservation software? Well, Planyo is here to satisfy you. Planyo is an online reseravation system and it can be used by any business that does a lot of book taking. The takings could be for minutes, hours, days, nights, or scheduled forthcoming event. Planyo helps you to schedule time and events in businesses like: Hotel Management, Yacht Charter, Car Rental, Conference Room/hall Reservation, eLearning of Courses etc.

Effortless Integration with your Website

Planyo does not demand much. It does not require iframes new windows to process booking. This is because the customer is always glued to your site. You can use Planyo’s plugins for effortless CMS integration (WordPress, Joomla etc). You can alternatively copy or paste the HTML code when you are using other software, weebly for instance. Another interesting thing about this software is that it enables you to customise every detail of it.

Much Integration

You cannot find integrations as much as you find on Planyo on other online booking systems. This reservation and booking software can integrate with several popularly known website builders. Isn’t this thrilling? More thrilling it is that it can also integrate with more than 60 payment gateways, several app that cloud-based like Google Analytics, mailing list manager, CRM as well as accounting systems.

Up to 30 Languages

With Planyo, your customers can place reservation order using up to 30 languages. This is surely an amazing thing. The software’s backend is made available in 6 languages. This is to enhance free-flowing and unhindered communication.

Free Mobile Apps

We also have iphone as well as Android apps that enable us to administer your account with immediate effect. There is also a frontend app made available for your customers with which they quickly book and order reservations. It also enables them to read updates about you.

Reports and Statistics

Planyo gives you various reports that you can simple export when needed. The statistics of activities offers you updated and current relevant business analytics. Planyo also works well with Google Analytics.

Payment Gateways

Among other positive offers from Planyo is its enablement of you to use it to accept deposits, or full payment either optional or obligatory. Such payments are processed by one among the above sixty partner payment gateways with adequate security and without any reason to flinch.


Planyo is capable of handling the formation and delivery of the invoices to your amiable clients. The software can also allow you to attach other document to your automated emails as PDFs.