Problems with Windows Programs in OS X?


Are you struggling to find the programs you’ve always utilized under Windows or Apple OS X? Chapel Hill Computer Repair has Apple technicians with many experiences in this area. With a wide range of experience in the field of software, Chapel Hill Computer Repair will locate the most compatible software to products that you have utilized in the past. Through many years of testing, we can provide our expertise on the most effective free and paid software as well as offering a variety of options. We understand that the transition between Windows and moving to Apple OS X can be stressful at times, and we’re here to help! No matter if you bring your brand new device to our shop or ask us to come out to you on-site for a service visit, Chapel Hill Computer Repair is always able to bring an uplifting smile to your face.

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Do you need to transfer new files to your Mac?

Do you have files on your previous Windows machine that must be transferred to the new Apple devices? Chapel Hill Computer Repair has several third-party software tools that allow us to speedily and effectively transfer any type of data on your apple Desktop and Laptop. If it’s your Address Book or E-Mails sent that you have received from Outlook and Windows Mail, or any Microsoft Office files you need to convert for use in iLife 2009, Chapel Hill Computer Repair has many options available to you. Although the “Geniuses” provide a similar option, they don’t have enough knowledge about Windows. There are times when you be unable to recover important documents you Chapel Hill Computer Repair could have converted for you. We offer affordable prices and make use of a variety of tools. Whatever the issue, Chapel Hill Computer Repair always has the ideal solution.

Chapel Hill Computer Repair is the number one resource for computer repair and services. With reasonable prices, speedy response times and an unwavering desire to please our customers Our primary objective is to please YOU. No matter if you’re a company or a frequent customer, Chapel Hill Computer Repair has the expertise and technology to meet all your requirements. Stop relying upon “Geeks” and those of “Friends” and call an expert!

Chapel Hill Computer Repair –Repairs for Apple and Mac Apple & Mac

Chapel Hill Computer Repair is your top choice for expert computer repairs and services. With affordable prices, fast response times and a fervent determination to satisfy our customers Our primary goal is to please you. No matter if you’re a company or a frequent customer, Chapel Hill Computer Repair has the expertise and technology to meet your requirements. Don’t rely to “Geeks” and those of “Friends” and call a professional!

Do you require to run Windows as well as Mac OS?

Do you want for the possibility of running Windows applications on an Apple laptop or desktop? Do you want the capability to dual-boot Windows and OS X and possibly even operate them at the same time? Chapel Hill Computer Repair has Apple experts who not only are familiar with OS X but know Microsoft Windows and can design an environment for software that can benefit from this. By combining Apple’s proprietary software with other third-party programs, we are able to provide you with the ability to run several operating systems. If you have programs that you can’t live without on Windows Do not fret. Chapel Hill Computer Repair has the solution you need!

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Trouble with Connection?t

Are you experiencing issues connecting your Apple laptop or desktop with your Windows computers? Chapel Hill Computer Repair has trained Apple technicians with an extensive knowledge base. If we have to conduct software or hardware diagnostics We will determine the issue you’re experiencing and what’s preventing the connection between computers. Don’t trust an “Genius” who knows little regarding Windows or Mac and instead, consult an expert! Chapel Hill Computer Repair always offers the best solutions to every issue!


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