Reasons why you should Upgrade your Windows version



If the performance of your system has degraded over the past few years and you are having trouble in viewing some content, it is due to the reason that your version of the operating system has become older or maybe outdated so to speak. So the foremost thing to do is to get it upgraded as your older version of the operating system may not be as effective as it used to be when it was the latest due to technological advances. It is extremely crucial to be up to date when it comes to technology in computers as the latest technology keeps on hitting the market quite frequently.


At Computer Repairs Hawthorne services, we have all up with the minute latest version of all the windows to be upgraded and as per your system requirements. Or if you decide to upgrade your windows version, our veteran technicians will guide you through to upgrade the performance of your system.


As far as availability of the latest versions is concerned, we assure you that we have all the latest versions that are launched into the market and moreover our technicians will get it installed in your computer in no time.


Here are some of the reasons why you should upgrade your windows version:


1. Boost Up Overall Performance:


The major benefit you will notice by upgrading your windows is that it will boost up the overall performance of your system and results in better coordination with peripheral devices attached to it.




Another major benefit of the windows up-gradation is that it solves the compatibility issues to an extent. The newer version of windows will enable your system to reach out to its full potential and make you available those software’s and programs which were hindered due to the older version of your system. To elaborate furthermore, some software may not be compatible to run on your older version of your windows. This software is run only on the latest versions of windows. For example, most of the games these days only are compatible to run on the latest versions. So the compatibility issues get resolved by windows up-gradation.


3. Error Handling:


Sometimes there may occur some issues or problems in your system. Now you try to find out the solution by yourself on search engines like google, yahoo etc. But what happens is that all the posts and replies about that problems are according to the latest version of the operating system and nothing about your older version of the operating system and you keep on searching and searching but still remain unanswered.


4. Latest Features:


To increase the utility of the windows the software developers of the company keep on adding new and advanced features to the windows. In order to obtain these features, windows up-gradation is very necessary.


5. Other Benefits:


There are also other benefits of the windows up-gradation which are as follows:


a. Upgraded Graphical User Interface(GUI):


The newer version of the windows will have upgraded graphical user interface which will add to the look of the operating system.


b. Fast Start Up and Shut Down


So there are plenty of valid reasons why you should upgrade your windows and Computer Repairs Hillcrest is the leader of the market in windows upgradation due to its highly trained technicians.So why to waste time thinking. Just give us a call at and we member will assist you.

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