Troubleshooting Computer Freeze Issue

Freeze problems are quite common in computers these days. In many cases, your computer suddenly starts locking up or freezing? Now, what to do? Many people don’t know how to come out of this problem.

Here is how you can avoid or overcome troubleshooting freeze or lockup problems: Follow these steps carefully for troubleshooting freeze problems.

Mozilla Backup and Restore Program

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or even Thunderbird then you’ll be happy to know about this beneficial backup and restore tool in case you haven’t been aware of it. I use it frequently because I don’t want to spend the loss of time in the event of the computer crash and lose the information on my Firefox or Thunderbird data.

Here’s this program: Mozilla Backup/Restore Program. It was created by a third party , and it is freeware, so you do to register to use it. It’s extremely useful and you should definitely consider linking to his site from your blog, if you have one. It’s just as a way of saying acknowledge the excellent Firefox backup tool.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client – A Must Have!

So about 2 years ago I stumbled across Thunderbird, a free email client by the very popular company Mozilla. Well I used Firefox already and I loved it, so why not give this email client a try. I was not attached to Microsoft Outlook by any means or to its $200 price tag.

Anyway, so I quickly downloaded it and set it up in a matter of minutes. Oh geez was I impressed by this program. It was not intrusive at all and was 100% stand alone. For those of you that use Outlook, you all know that it is very large in size and tries to put its hands where it does not belong… intrusive to say the least.

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RCA DCM245 Driver – Cable Modem
Here is the driver for the Cable Modem RCA DCM245

So here’s why I needed this driver, which was not easy to find. Ok so I just moved into my new place ordered Comcast High-Speed Internet, which came with an RCA Cable Modem. My regular computer has a network card and uses the normal RJ45 cable which connects to the RCA Comcast Modem.

My other computer does not have a network card and I wanted to get it hooked up to the modem, therefore I needed to find the driver for the RCA DCM245. I was able to locate it and then it installed on the new system which had Windows XP.

Is Your Laptop or Home Computer Wireless enabled?

These days, built-in wireless capabilities have become standard equipment available on most laptops and home computers due to many reasons. One of the obvious and main reasons is the cost. In order to stay ahead in a technological curve, the manufacturers need to add wireless options to all machines.
An important question that arises here is – Is your laptop or home computer wireless enabled? This is how you can check if your computer has wireless capabilities or not.

Satellite TV For PC – Beats Cable And Direct TV

OK, so I just got off the phone with my friend who just subscribed to this satellite tv service here called Satellite TV For PC. He said he’s had it for about 3 months and he gets so many channels that he doesn’t know what to do.

I was listening about his new satellite tv service through his computer and I was assuming he was going to say it cost him more than $200 per month. OH, the boy was I wrong… lol. The number he said was not even half that. He compared it to the top cable packages which cost $175 per month, and he said he gets even more channels than them because of all the international channels on his satellite tv service through his pc.


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