Why do we need Spyware?


Spyware is an unsolicited program that installs itself on your computer without your consent. Spyware typically comes as adware, or advertising software, and track information on your computer, thus invading your privacy. Helping you with home computer repair, an anti-spyware safeguard your computer by blocking malicious software and by scanning your computer for spyware and removing them, if found.

Top Ten REVIEWS, in its 2008 anti-spyware software review report has listed the following anti-spyware packages in order of rating:

1. Spy Sweeper

2. CounterSpy

3. AntiSpy

4. Spyware Doctor

5. PestPatrol

6. Ad-Aware SE Pro

7. Spyware BeGone

8. McAfee AntiSpyware

9. Maxion Spy Killer

10. SpyHunter Like, in an antivirus, you should look for the following features in an anti-spyware:

• Easy installation
• User friendly
• Efficient removal of spyware
• Regular updates
• Real-time reporting
• Technical support Efficient home computer repair begins by identifying the ideal antivirus and anti-spyware packages for your computer.

Home Computer Maintenance Repair
In order to obtain faster results and the longevity of your computer system, you should be familiar with the basics of computer maintenance. Good maintenance is all about how to back up, some free stuff, and cleaning tips. Here are some important advice on computer maintenance

1. Backing up the data
Backup Your Home Computer
So now we have come to the point in our home computer repair questing, that we need to know what a backup is and also how to do it. A backup of your computer would round off what we have learned so far.

Why do we need to back our home pc? The obvious answer is because what if something goes wrong and our Hard Drive gets fried, or even worse what if a fire starts and torches everything in the computer room. Let us not get into what could happen, I’m sure you know of someone in their life that said, “oh I wish I had a backup because I lost everything!!!”

Mozilla Backup and Restore Program
If you use Mozilla Firefox or even Thunderbird then you will be very glad to learn about this very useful backup and restore utility, if you haven’t heard about it yet. I myself use this all the time because I cannot afford the time lost if I were to have a computer crash and loose my Firefox or Thunderbird information.

Here is the Mozilla Backup/Restore Program. It was made by a third party and it freeware so you need not even register for it. It is very useful and you should consider linking to his page from your blog if you have one, just a nice way to thank you for the very good firefox backup utility.

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